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Missouri Partnership Will Sponsor Symposium for Corporate Executives

CHICAGO—(February 22, 2012)—ITRA Global, one of the largest real estate organizations devoted to the representation of corporate tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate worldwide, has announced the Missouri Partnership will be a sponsor for the ITRA Global 2012 Corporate Real Estate Symposium that will be held on September 12, 2012 in London, England.


“Doing Business in the Americas,” a premier all-day event with two panel discussions for European corporate executives and decision makers, will provide vital information to European companies considering expansion or relocation in the Americas. Debra Stracke Anderson, Chairman of the Symposium Committee, says the event will be a valuable resource for company executives who must navigate a global marketplace dominated by economic uncertainty and ever-tightening budgets.


Companies expanding to the Americas often leave millions on the table because they simply don’t have enough information to make critical locational and logistical decisions,” she explains.  “Our symposium will ensure that they understand how to create competition for their business and how to achieve the maximum in financial incentives that will directly impact their bottom line.”


Christopher Chung, Chief Executive Officer of the Missouri Partnership, says the Symposium provides his nonprofit economic development organization with a unique and highly desirable opportunity to interact with executives from around the globe who influence relocation and expansion decisions.


“Thanks to the work of Governor Jay Nixon and the Missouri General Assembly in further strengthening our state’s business climate, Missouri is an optimal location for new facility investment in the U.S.,” he explains. “With an increasing number of global companies turning to corporate real estate advisors to help them decide where to expand or relocate their operations, it makes perfect sense for The Missouri Partnership to participate with ITRA Global to showcase Missouri’s business advantages directly to an influential audience of corporate executives.”


The Corporate Executive Panel will include Dr. Ronald R. Pollina, a Geo-economist based in Chicago, Illinois. His firm, ITRA / Pollina Corporate Real Estate, Inc., annually publishes the highly regarded Top 10 Pro-Business States study. Top corporate executives will join Dr. Pollina to address issues such as facility availability, build-to-suit and leasing vs. ownership. The Economic Development Panel will also include Dr. Pollina and economic development executives from government agencies in the Americas who will address facility and location factors along with financial incentives provided by various jurisdictions for companies moving into their regions.


ITRA Global is an organization of corporate real estate advisors specializing in representing companies in the leasing, acquisition and disposition of office, industrial and retail facilities. With coverage in over 80 major markets around the world, ITRA Global is one of the largest organizations dedicated to representing tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate.  Clients benefit by having experienced professionals as their trusted advisors, providing conflict-free representation with total objectivity.


For more information about the Symposium, please contact Beth Wade, ITRA Global Executive Director, at 706.654.3201 or email   To learn more about conflict-free representation and the worldwide representatives of ITRA Global, please visit

Customized Real Estate Services (CRES) has gone global!

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HOUSTON, TX. November 9, 2011. Customized Real Estate Services was selected as the Houston Affiliate Member of the prestigious International Tenant Representative Alliance (ITRA) Global and now can offer Exclusive Tenant Representation services worldwide.

CRES was chosen because of their long-term leadership in the Houston market and the advantages their credentials as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) can bring to ITRA members worldwide. As an affiliate member, CRES participates in an enhanced collaboration with the network of ITRA Global members to share best practices, leverage expertise, and resources while collaborating on contracts within the network of over 90 global locations in the industry.

Connie Rankin, President of Customized Real Estate Services, states, “We welcome the opportunity to become an affiliate member of ITRA Global, and are well-positioned to exchange services with this elite group of professionals. We can now offer our services not only in Houston, but to international companies establishing offices and other facilities worldwide.

About Customized Real Estate Services

CRES was founded in 2001 by Connie Rankin after a lengthy career with PM Realty Group, which is the largest national third party management and leasing company in the country. CRES offers 30 years of diverse experience in property management, leasing, and sales and acquisitions of commercial property. CRES also holds numerous diversity certifications, such as WBE, HUBZone, WOSB, HUB, and DBE, along with professional certifications, such as LEED AP, CPM, and Texas Real Estate Broker. CRES has represented large companies, including Shell Oil, Swift Technologies, PEMSA, and United Space Alliance, as well as many medium and small businesses.

About International Tenant Representative Alliance Global

ITRA Global is an organization of real estate professionals specializing in representing tenants and buyers in the leasing, acquisition and disposition of office, and industrial and retail facilities. With coverage in over 90 major markets around the world, ITRA Global is one of the largest organizations dedicated to representing tenants and occupiers of commercial real estate. Clients using ITRA benefit by having an experienced professional as their trusted advisor who provides conflict-free representation with total objectivity.

For more information about Customized Real Estate Services and our ITRA Global affiliation, please visit


Contact Information
Ileana Leija
Customized Real Estate Services, Inc.
650 N. Sam Houston Pkwy E, Ste. 108
Houston, TX 77060

CRES Debuts Website Offering a Sustainable Real Estate Alternative

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HOUSTON, Oct. 17, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — The emphasis on sustainability doesn’t stop with the architect and owner of commercial spaces. Tenants are now looking for sustainable buildings to provide a more environmentally friendly workplace for their employees. Customized Real Estate Services is the first woman-owned LEED AP of a commercial real estate company in Houston. Their new, informative website ( has just been launched to offer a sustainable office alternative to fill the gap and foster this important trend.

From tenant representation to sustainability, CRES was started in 2001 byConnie Rankin to provide tenant representation to commercial tenants. When she recognized the importance of the sustainability movement she strongly felt that access to sustainability measures to tenants of various sizes was critical. She received her LEED AP certification in 2008 and now is fully qualified to not only find space in environmentally friendly buildings, but also to help tenants carry the sustainability forward into their work environment.

The new website informs tenants of the potential for developing sustainable environments without sacrificing quality or cost-control. It also showcases CRES’ commercial tenant representation services for mid- to large-sized companies. Thirty years of commercial real estate brokerage experience allows CRES to offer in-depth information about leasing or purchasing commercial real estate while becoming more sustainable. Their new website includes a blog containing the ten most-asked questions that outlines anything and everything you need to know about real estate.

The new website features a dynamic, timely blog, video of sustainability-focused listings and other features to educate tenants on commercial real estate and the environment.

Connie Rankin, President of ITRA Global / Customized Real Estate Services, describes her enthusiasm about the new website: “We are thrilled with the functionality, the ease of use and just the total amount of information we are able to put out there. Our design firm, Discotoast, did an amazing job.” plays a vital role in business strategy, not only with their valued clients, but with other companies looking for reliable commercial real estate information globally.

CRES is a full-service brokerage firm and able to simplify and streamline the office leasing process. They also provide customized options on a global network of affiliate members in over 90 markets throughout the world.

“ is a great commercial real estate source for leasing or buying commercial real estate,” says Evalyn Shea, President of Shea Writing & Training.

Customized Real Estate Services, Inc. is a certified woman-owned company and an affiliate member of ITRA Global with over 90 locations worldwide. The company is known for its stress-free tenant representation services that save clients time and money while becoming more sustainable. They are the only woman-own commercial real estate company offering LEED certified real estate agents who can work with both office and sustainability requirements.

For more information about Customized Real Estate Services, please visit

Contact Information

Ileana Leija
ITRA Global / Houston
650 N. Sam Houston Pkwy E, Ste. 108
Houston, TX 77060

Commercial Real Estate Ten Most Asked Questions

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This guide is primarily for medium-to-small tenants. These tenants are defined as a company with 25 employees or less, and are in need of an office space of less than 5,000 square feet. While some of these questions may seem simple, the answers are not always obvious.

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1. How does the commercial real estate (CRE) industry work?

Most owners of commercial real estate hire real estate agents to lease their property on their behalf. The real estate agentпїЅs responsibility is to represent the owner in leasing the property; not to represent the tenant.

2. How are CRE professionals paid for their services?

CRE agents receive a commission upon the signing of the lease between the owner and a tenant. The amount of the commission of most often calculated as a percentage of the lease value, which usually ranges between four and six percent. For instance, if a tenant signs a 3-year lease for a 2,000-square-foot building at $18.00 per square foot, a 4% commission to the real estate agent would amount to $4,320.00 (3 years x 2,000 sq. ft. x $18.00 x 4%). The owner of the leased building pays the agentпїЅs commission; typically one-half on the signing of the lease and the remaining one-half when the tenant begins occupying the building.

3. What is the difference between a leasing agent and a tenant representative?

The leasing agent has the listing of the property and represents the interest of the owner of the building. A tenant representative (rep) represents the interest of the tenant in the lease. Some agents work exclusively on listing while others take on tenant representation only. Other agents will work with both.

4. Why should I use a broker (agent) if I have an attorney?

A knowledgeable broker, who is a vital part of your team of professionals, uses comprehensive marketing expertise and valuable resources to ensure maximum results in every lease transaction. Using an experienced brokerage firm will complement the rest of the team allowing others to do what they do best in their profession.

5. Do I need a broker to help me find space?

No. Any one can search for office space if they have the time to spend away from their business. A broker however, does so much more that just find office space. A broker uses expertise in the leasing process. A broker starts with a good understanding of your business and gives you advice as to the best space suited for your business. A broker then uses inside resources to locate the best space available that offers a good deal. A broker seeks out the best terms and rental rates. A broker stands beside you from the time the search begins until the lease is signed.

6. IпїЅm thinking about moving my office or leasing a new office. Where do I start?

The first thing is to decide if moving into a new space is the right choice. Ask the following questions:

  • Do we want to find space on our own or hire a tenant representative to assist us?
  • Is it a good time to move?
  • How important is location?
  • How much space do we need?
  • How much can we afford?
  • On what date do we need to move into a new space?
  • How will the new space benefit the company and its future?
  • What does it cost to move?
  • What else is involved in moving (furniture, phones, computers, copy/fax/postage machines, internet access, etc.)?
  • Can we afford to lose business or employees during the transaction?

7. Whom does a broker work for?

Brokers generally work in two capacities: as a listing agent or as a tenant representative. Some, if not most, do both. This means that they have property listings and they also work as a tenant representative. If you work directly with the property listing agent, keep in mind that the listing agent is representing the property owner. If you hire a tenant representative, you should consider hiring an exclusive tenant representative that has no property listings. This will ensure you that the tenant representative is working solely for you.

8. What is a representation letter or exclusive agreement and should I sign one?

A tenant representative will present you with a representation letter to sign for your own protection. The letter protects you by stating that you are working with only one tenant representative. It also protects the tenant representative by ensuring that they will get paid if a lease is signed. If a tenant representative does not have a signed letter from you, they will most likely only perform a simple property search. If you want to get the most out of the brokerage community, we recommend that you sign an exclusive agreement instead of working with several agents on a nonexclusive basis.

9. Is finding a space without hiring a broker a good idea?

Generally speaking, the answer is no. You, as a tenant, enter into a lease every so often. A broker, however, deals with leasing negotiations daily. Think of it this way: Would you go into an IRS office without having your CPA as a representative? Again, the answer is no.

10. Now that IпїЅve hired a tenant representative, what should I expect from them?

You should expect your tenant representative to think only of your interest and to give you advice. The tenant representative helps you determine how much space you need, what is your most important selection criteria, and then find and negotiate the space that best fits your needs. When it comes to the negotiation, make sure your tenant representative knows what is important to you.

We hope you found this information helpful. If you have any questions, please give us a call.

cres real estate connie rankin
Connie Rankin, LEED AP
CRES + Associates
Office: 713-468-3833








Mother Nature Can Help With Carbon Reduction

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cres real estate carbon reduction 1Last year my family and I traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico. During our visit to the El Yunque Forest, we had the rare opportunity to celebrate National Public Lands Day. This offered us a close-up view of the forest wildlife and some valuable lessons in forest conservation. To top it off, there was no entrance fee to see this beautiful national wonder that no amount of money could buy.

That Lands Day holiday, we learned the El Yunque National Forest was actually one of the smallest forests in the US National Forest System. This forest has 28,000 acres with 240 native trees, of which 88 are rare and 23 are found only in this forest, according to the US Forest Service. The most interesting fact we learned was that hurricanes actually regenerate the forest. Damage caused by the great impact of wind and rain begins the 60-year regeneration cycle. During these years, re-growth increases forest productivity as it rejuvenates itself. To me, this suggests Mother Nature will take care of herself if we can just leave her alone. [1]

As a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP), I have great respect for our environment and understand that our stewardship of the forest today will affect future generations. Since the forest covers approximately 30% of the earth’s mass, we must view it not only from a microscopic perspective, but globally as well. The forest is a community of diverse organisms and supports such living things as bacteria and fungi, enormous trees, birds, shrubs, ants, beetles, fish, mammals, and even human life. [2] (more…)